Town and Country, January issue. The Raj was recognized in "the top 5 health spas for the new millennium."


Spa-Finder. The Rai received the "Best Healing Treatments" reader's award.


Spa Magazine, January/February. The Raj was recognized among "the 4 high-powered paths to wellness."

Destination SpaVacations. The Raj was selected amongst "the 27 destination spas in North America."


The Los Angeles Times, January. The Raj was listed as "one of the7 recommended Ayurveda Health Centers in the U.S.A."

Executive Health and Wellness, September. The Raj was rated as one of the "one of the top 9 destination spas in the U.S.A."

Body & Soul, September. The Raj was recognized among "the top 3 Ayurveda Health Spas in the U.S.A."

Destination SpaVacations. The Raj was recognized among "the 25 destination spas in North America"


Healing Lifestyles & Spas, March/April. The Raj was listed among "the top 8 destination spas offering detox programs." and among "the top 7 destination spas capable of customizing an tinimate, personalized spa experience that meets individual health goals."

Body & Soul, January/February. The Raj was listed among "the 5 top holistic spas in the U.S.A."

Natural Health, May. The Raj was recognized among "the top 5 healing retreats in North America and the top 4 for offering a cleansing and detox program."

Body & Soul, January/February. The Raj was listed as "one of the 15 highly recommended retreats in North America."

The New York Times, March. The Raj was recognized as "one of the 4 recommended silent/meditative retreats."

Conceive. The Raj was listed among "the top 5 recommended fertility retreats in the U.S.A."

Spa, September/October. The Raj was "one of the 4 spas recognized that offer anti-aging programs in the U.S.A."


Spa-Finder, September/October. The Raj received the Reader's Choice award for "Best Medical Program" and "Best Boutique Spa."


Newsweek Magazine The Raj was listed among "the best 8 Destination spas."

The Raj Health Spa is the only spa built with the purpose of providing authentic Ayurveda treatments. The building is in accord with ancient vedic architecture called Sthapatya Veda and is especially suited for providing Authentic Ayurveda. The entire estate style is very elegant French Country.

The Raj has a high percentage of repeat guests because of the luxurious treatments given and for the individualized care and attention our guests receive. In addition to the health benefits, the guests feel loved, nourished and cared for by our highly trained staff. The Raj has a 3:1 staff to guest ratio.

The Raj offers a unique experience. Guests that have been to many spas around the world say that no experience compares with what we offer here.

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