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"Coming to The Raj was a great boost for me. As an engineer and architect, I always deal with a large amount of work. Clarity of thinking, mental efficiency and organizing ability are critical. Before coming to The Raj, I also had dizziness caused by Menniere's disease . Since my treatments, the level of dizziness decreased significantly and the clarity of thought and energy have increased dramatically. I am planning to come back to The Raj seasonally." -Paul W.

"My husband and I came to The Raj for 7 days. It is the most wonderful place that I have ever been. It has completely changed my life. I left feeling that I would be able to regain my health and energy for the rest of my life." -Wanda B.

"I love this place! I have a completely renewed physiology!" -Don B.

"This is my second time at The Raj. After my first visit I found the improvement in my energy and overall health and wellbeing was astounding. Now, after my second visit, I feel extremely well rested, and rejuvenated.  My energy and digestion has improved. The entire experience has been nourishing and restorative." -Anne O.

"My experience at The Raj was absolutely life changing! The knowledge and experience is profound beyond words. Thank you!" -Julia P.

"When I came to The Raj I had deep fatigue and headaches of various kinds. Now I feel relaxed and eager to go out and enjoy everything. I can’t think of anything other than this knowledge that could have helped me so quickly." -Dale R.

"I feel more rested, more energetic. My pain level dropped significantly so that much less medication was needed. I am encouraged about the future, about my health options and that I can accomplish more. The Raj medical staff is top notch in terms of knowledge, service and imparting a sense that they really care about you." -Bill B.

"The Raj exceeded my expectations and helped deliver a meaningful change to my blood pressure." -Gary B.

"The quality of the care was so outstanding that I feel particularly blessed to have been able to come here. There is less pain in my hip and a great dissolving of my fear of pain when taking a step on my left foot. I have more mental clarity, my skin is blooming and I have actually noticed an increase in the quality of my singing voice." -Jean J.

"I can’t wait to come back to The Raj. This has been a life changing experience. I sleep better, my digestion is better and my lifestyle has changed, seemingly without effort. I am surprised at my commitment to maintain my new habits, even with my stressful job schedule and traveling." -Connie D.

"Absolutely a dream vacation. I couldn’t be happier with my experience." -Linda L.

"I came here to rest and rejuvenate after a difficult prior six months. In three days I more than fulfilled this." -Mark B.

"I came here not knowing much at all about Ayurveda. It has been very enlightening and has produced a very positive outlook towards my body and my life. Thanks! I have an even greater respect for my health." -Tonya C.

"My experience at The Raj was lovely—everything I wanted it to be." -Cherie G.

"I feel lighter and seem to be getting more calm inside. I learned so much about how the body responds to what we give it. We need to listen to our body more and follow its advise." -Molly M.

"If I felt any better my vitamins would be taking me!" -Bob L.

"I feel much better physically, lost weight and learned a lot! Everyone went out of their way to make it great." -Duane H.

"Ayurveda was a totally new concept for me—I found my experience here to be both enjoyable and practical. I no longer have diet soda cravings or feel the need to take a nap in the afternoons." -Evie M.


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