The Raj Restaurant

Mud TreatmentThe Raj Restaurant serves organic, vegetarian meals for our in-residence package guests every day. At meals guests have the option of joining other guests or eating at a private table within the in-residence private dining room. This tradition of family-style meals makes The Raj enjoyable for those traveling alone—many guests remark on the friendships that are established during their stay. The vegetarian diet is organic, low fat and specifically designed to support the treatment program. The in-residence package price includes the cost of meals but there is an additional cost for extra meals.

Sunday Buffet

On Sundays The Raj Restaurant serves a buffet, which is open to the public from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. This buffet is served in our main dining room that is separate from where our in-residence guests dine. Reservations are required for large groups and recommended for smaller groups, but walk-ins are welcome as long as we have space. In addition to our dine in buffet we also offer a To-Go option which is priced by weight.

To make a reservation, please call 800-248-9050 ext 8.

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