List of Treatments


Performed by two technicians, this luxurious herbal oil massage melts away tension and offers a unique experience of balance, deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


A profoundly relaxing therapy in which a continuous flow of warm herb-infused oil is gently poured across the forehead, producing blissful tranquility and balance in both mind and body.


The body is immersed in a warm, herbalized steam bath. This treatment opens the channels of the body and allows the impurities that have been loosened by our Vedic Rejuvenation Massage, to be naturally eliminated.


Gallons of warm, herbalized oil are poured over the body in a continuous stream while two technicians provide a synchronized massage that is nourishing to the tissues, relaxing to the mind and body. The result is a euphoric feeling of deep relaxation and vibrant wellness, along with a youthful glow.


This massage utilizes an herbal paste to promote weight loss, and improve circulation.

Patra Potoli

After Abhyanga, two technicians apply soothing, warm cloth boluses made of an herbal powder and oil mixture to a particular area of the body. This treatment can alleviate joint and muscle pain.


This stimulation massage utilizes special raw silk gloves to promote weight-loss, improve circulation, and to help eliminate cellulite while softening, smoothing and enlivening the skin, restoring a natural, healthy glow.


Balances the physiology as well as strengthens and nourishes the muscles and joints. After Abhyanga, two technicians apply cloth boluses made of herbalized rice and milk to the areas of the body affected by pain or stiffness.


With the use of more pressure, this herbal oil massage purifies and detoxifies the body, relieving muscle tightness, improving flexibility and restoring energy.


Treat yourself to a gently soothing and fragrant facial that utilizes organic milk and floral waters. This facial, once reserved for the royalty of ancient India, gently purifies, nourishes and rehydrates the skin. The result is more youthful, more radiant skin.

Anti-Stress Massage

If you are constantly in front of a computer or on a cell phone you may be feeling negative effects from exposure to external electromagnetic fields. Here is an Ayurvedic remedy for this modern problem. Relax and enjoy as a team or two specially trained technicians administer the first massage therapy developed specifically to remove electro-magnetic stress. When we are exposed to strong electro-magnetic fields, the body’s natural electro-magnetic balance can become overwhelmed and compromised. This unique energy-balancing treatment helps restore the physiology to its normal functioning. This treatment is ideally recommended for three consecutive days.

Netra Tarpana

Application of Ghee on Eyes. Cooling Balancing Treatment. Good for strain.


Head and Shoulder Treatment. Open Sinuses. Oleates the Sinus Cavity.


Oil application on feet balancing for the physiology.


Herbalized yogurt application to the head, very balancing for whole physiology.


Simultaneous oil application to head and total body involving 3 technicians. Total balancing treatment.

Localized Basti

This is a special treatment which involves the application of a special pastry dough dam around the targeted area and the pouring in and filling of the dam with a special herbal warm oil. Hrdaya Basti, for the heart, is both nourishing and balancing for the physical and emotional heart. Kati Basti for lower back pain. Griva basti for chronic neck pain. Janu Basti for knee pain. Shiro Basti for the mind (especially worried minds).

Head Picchu

A special treatment for the head and mind. A warm head massage is first given and then a small cloth soaked in a specialized herbal oil is tied to the top of the head on a special marma point. This is left on the head for a few hours.

Kalari Marma Uzchili

In Ayurveda a marma point is a juncture on the body where bodily structures such as muscles, ligaments, and joints combine. These are also points that carry information between the mind and the body's organs and tissues. Massage of these areas cleanses blocked pathways and allows the vital flow of prana and energy to the organs and tissues, balancing both physiological and mental processes. According to Ayurvedic texts, marma therapy provides a wide range of benefits. These benefits include: improved functioning of internal organs, the release of deep-rooted toxins and emotional stress, increased mental clarity, detoxification, increased circulation and blood supply, improved muscle and skin tone, relief from neck and back pain and increased vitality.

Beautiful Body

This treatment is heavenly and makes the body feel light and wonderful! All of the products used during the session are specialized to help induce the release of toxins from the fat tissues of the body. You will be pampered with a 4-hand massage using an aromatherapy oil, then covered in a botanical body mud for a steam bath with invigorating herbs in our Swedana; additionally you'll be massaged with a light layer of circulating lymph oil infused with diamond gem elixir, and spoiled with a hydrating body butter. Can be given up to twice a week.

Maharishi Gem Light Therapy

Maharishi Gem and Light Therapy promotes higher states of consciousness. This program uses special light beamers to apply the orderly and nourishing quality inherent within thirteen different, precious gemstones. New larger light beamers (big beamers) are available, which utilize 12-times the number o gemstones for a more amplified and therapeutic effect. We recommend three sessions over a one-week period.

Maharishi Aroma Therapy

Enjoy nature's most precious gifts of aromatic plants and fragrant flowers: concentrated plant life and sunlight energy captured in small bottles. The knowledge of the application of aromatic plants and their essential oils has been a part of all the great ancient civilizations of the world. Maharishi Aroma Therapy brings us the revival of the completed knwoledge of this ancient wisdome and natural, holistic health care.


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