Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurveda was the first system of medicine to recognize the importance of "mind/body types" in maintaining balanced health. Our mind/body type is determined by the natural predominance of doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) in our body. This natural balance influences all aspects of our life, including body structure, emotional make-up, and predisposition to illnesses. Just as a gardener needs to know the different requirements of light, water, and soil conditions needed for various flowers to reach full bloom, we need to identify and live in tune with our own natural tendencies in order to maintain peak health and vitality.

During your consultation at The Raj, Ayurveda Health Spa and Treatment Center, an Ayurvedic expert will give you customized dietary recommendations that will allow you to support and strengthen your body's natural state of balance when you return home.

During your stay at The Raj, you will enjoy an organic, vegetarian diet designed to enhance your body's ability to eliminate impurities. During this time the focus will be on supporting digestion and cleansing rather than balancing specific doshas or mind/body types.

If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know in advance so that our chefs can attend to your needs.

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