Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that synergistically complement one another, increasing each other's benefits. The Raj offers guests a daily Yoga class, with a simple set of postures that are appropriate for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Regular practice of these postures can help eliminate stress, develop flexibility, improve sleep, balance digestion, and deepen the experience of silence and expansion of consciousness.

What is Yoga?

While Yoga has become household word, most people are unaware of what Yoga really is. Yoga is more than an ancient form of exercise that tones the body and promotes health and well-being. The Sanskrit word Yoga means "union" and refers to the union of the individual self with the higher Self. Yoga means the experience of pure consciousness, the unified, transcendental field of intelligence deep within. Yoga provides technologies to enable one to dive within and enjoy that experience. The original role of the physical poses of Yoga was to prepare the body for meditation. The poses enliven the connection between mind and body, consciousness and physiology. Done correctly and without effort, Yoga poses help dissolve stress and enliven mind-body coordination to support the expansion of consciousness.

Exercise at The Raj

As you progress through your treatment program at The Raj you may notice changes in your energy levels. It is normal to feel a little tired at some point during Panchakarma as your body releases toxins and restores connections to weak or damaged areas.

For this reason, Ayurveda recommends avoiding strenuous physical exercise during your stay. Beneficial activities during your detoxification experience are rest, relaxation, reading, meditation, walking, and daily Yoga classes. Remember that this is a time of deep healing.

Instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique is available as an additional course, for those who are interested.

"Yoga means 'unity'-it means living unified wholeness in the field of diversity... My advice is to continue practicing Yoga on the physical level-but also to start and continue to practice Yoga on all other levels-mental, intellectual, and on the level of self-referral, Transcendental consciousness. On all levels, Yoga will help you to progress in every way, in every field of life."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 2007
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