The Raj Ayurveda Depression Treatments

Do You Suffer From Symptoms of Clinical Depression, Anxiety, or Bipolar Disorder?

Ayurveda research shows that many physiological imbalances contribute to depression, anxiety and related conditions.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are triggered by excessive mental and physical stress, or disruptions of natural biological rhythms. According to Ayurveda, psychological problems start when fundamental imbalances develop in the biological intelligence that controls all bodily processes.

Ayurveda does not simply match drugs to symptoms, because people can have the same symptoms for different reasons. Just as a headache can have many possible causes, not everyone has depression or anxiety for the same reasons.

Since depression and anxiety can be influenced by many factors, such as diet, digestion, toxin accumulation, stress, exercise levels and daily routine, The Raj Ayurveda treatments balance many physiological functions simultaneously.

Most illness, including depression, begins when toxins accumulate in tissues and disrupt the body's delicate biochemistry. The Raj Ayurveda depression treatment programs effectively remove toxins and impurities, with no significant side-effects.

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