In-Residence Rejuvenation Programs

Evaluation by an Ayurveda Health Consultant

This consultation is included in all in-residence packages. When you arrive at The Raj, you will meet with an expert trained in the Maharishi Ayurveda program who will assess your current mind/body balance using the ancient technique of pulse assessment and design a treatment program according to your needs. A home program will also be prescribed for you to follow after you leave The Raj. This home program will include specific recommendations for diet, exercise, herbal preparations, and daily and season routines.

Maharishi Rejuvenation Treatments

Each guest receives an individually prescribed combination of treatments designed to bring about balance and rejuvenation. A typical day may include herbalized oil massage with two technicians, an herbalized steam treatment, gentle elimination therapy, aroma therapy and sound therapy. Treatments will vary from day-to-day. All treatments are given by experienced Maharishi Ayurveda technicians in our separate clinic wings for men and women.

Herbalized Oil Application (abhyanga)

A comprehensive and soothing oil massage carried out by a synchronized team of two technicians. The oil application uses herbalized oils prescribed to suit your individual needs. The treatment promotes the penetration of oil deep into the tissues so that impurities are loosened and separated from the cell structure.

Herbalized Steam Treatment (swedena)

Using a special heat chamber that allows the head to remain cool, this herbalized steam bath opens up the channels of the body and allows the loosened impurities to move into the digestive tract in readiness for their removal by internal cleansing procedures.

Relaxation Treatment (shirodhara)

A soothing continuous flow of herbalized oil poured slowly and gently across the forehead, this treatment settles and balances the nervous system. The effect is delightful and many guests experience profound relaxation during the treatment.

Luxury Oil Treatment (pizzichilli)

In this luxurious treatment two technicians use a constant flow of warm herbalized oil to give the ultimate experience of deep relaxation. The oil penetrates deeply into the bodily tissues, softening and mobilizing impurities.

Stimulating Circulation Treatment (udvartana)

Using herbalized paste, this stimulating treatment helps to enliven and revitalize the skin, smooth away fat deposits and improve circulation and digestion.

Elimination Therapy (basti)

Daily gentle oil enemas eliminate impurities that have been moved into the intestinal tract as a result of the other treatments. Elimination Therapy removes all types of imbalances, and is considered a vital part of this cleansing process.

Aroma Therapy

Fragrant oils, made from pure herb and flower essences, promote balance in the body and mind through the sense of smell.


We use only the best and purest oils; cold pressed with no chemical additives. All of your treatments are specially prepared for you in our herb kitchen using only the highest quality herbs.

Advanced Oils Package

Advanced oils, imported from India, offer an advanced level of detoxification and strengthening of the immune system. These oils are meticulously prepared according to classical Ayurveda methods that involve as many as 75 different herbs. The Advanced Oils replace the standard dosha-specific oils used for Maharishi Rejuvenation treatments. The cost of these oils are in addition to the price of the Maharishi Rejuvenation treatment package and range in price depending on the Health Consultant’s recommendation.

Maharishi Ayurveda video tape series

The Raj introductory tape series provides a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of the Maharishi Ayurveda health program. Created with top experts in the field, this tape series can enhance your experience of the Maharishi Rejuvenation Treatments at The Raj and will help you make healthy lifestyle changes when you return home.

Yoga Classes

For in-residence guests, a simple yet effective set of Yoga postures are taught which enliven the intelligence of each major muscle group of the body. These postures are easy to learn and to perform at home.

Guest Lecturers

For our in-residence guests, The Raj offers an evening lecture series on Maharishi Ayurveda and related branches of Maharishi Vedic Science. Each evening our guests enjoy live Ayurveda health education lectures with a variety of entertaining and informative speakers. These lectures cover the full range of knowledge in Maharishi Ayurveda and help guests gain valuable Ayurveda knowledge they can use all their life.

Also included in the lecture series are scientific studies on the traditional rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda (Panchakarma) and their effectiveness in preventing disease and eliminating environmental toxins such as PCB, DDT and dioxins.

Specialized Vegetarian Meals

From the beginning of your pre-treatment program until one week after your rejuvenation program has been completed, a special diet is recommended. The foods in this diet are easily digestible and enhance the body's ability to eliminate impurities. The diet emphasizes fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, high fiber content, and dietary sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. If you are enjoying our in-residence program our chefs will provide meals that complement your treatment program. This may include liquid meals (hearty soups) on specific treatment days to ensure maximum results and comfort.


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