Sustainability and the Raj

The Raj has a strong commitment to sustainability. All of our treatments, along with our organic diet and Ayurvedic herbal programs, are designed to bring sustainable good health and well being to our guests. We are also committed to ensuring sustainable good health for our planet, that is why we are focusing on continued improvements in many aspects of sustainability including: water and energy consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, waste control, and local sourcing.

Some projects already underway include:

Rainwater catchment system which fills up our pond. This pond is home to several types of catfish which help to support the ecosystem in the pond. This water is readily available to be used in case of a fire, eliminating the need for unnecessary water usage.

All of the products used in our treatments, as well as all of the food served in our restaurant, are 100% organic, free of harmful chemicals, and sourced locally as often as possible. Local sourcing not only saves greenhouse emissions but also lowers transportation costs and provides jobs for the local community.

No harmful chemicals are sprayed on the lawns or gardens surrounding the Raj resort. This provides our guests with a natural, clean and non-toxic environment in which to enjoy better results from our rejuvenation and detoxification programs.


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